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Engagement is where well-being starts,
and it's how change is sustained.

Many health and wellness companies sell “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Healthper is different. We drive maximum engagement by designing branded programs tailored to your company's unique culture and singular aspirations. Partnering with clients like you, we design workplace initiatives targeting the health concerns of the different groups and sub-populations that define your distinct workforce. We deliver maximum engagement through targeted well-being, and it's why we are your well-being architects.

Nimble technology & deep expertise = Your tailored well-being architecture.

At the enterprise level, we help clients like you design programs that align precisely with your brand, your culture and your strategy.
At the employee level, our savvy, collaborative team will help you design resources, rewards and analytics that fit needs in even large, diverse populations.

Experience across industries

"Healthper never tried to sell us an 'off-the-shelf' program. I've worked with their team and tools to quickly create a program that fits us perfectly."

Sr. VP Human Resources, Fortune 500 Corporation


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The Healthper Programs

  • Return To Work (RTW) — an artificial intelligence-powered program with COVID-19 testing & temperature screening using a facial recognition IoT device.
  • Healthy Habits — well-being coaching program that motivates our members to build a positive well-being habit by using the digital tools or engaging with an experienced coach.
  • Healthy Living — well-being program that is dedicated to motivating our members to manage weight, reduce stress, exercise more frequently, eat healthier and live a complete, balanced life.
  • Healthy Heart — 12 weeks challenge available in English and Spanish is designed to get you going on your way to a healthy heart and well being.
  • Healthy Mind — 12 weeks challenge that enhances your mental and emotional well-being to be stress resilient.
  • Healthy Trim — weight loss program that helps you change your lifestyle and lose weight.
  • Healthy Stride — 12 weeks miles tracking team challenge that promotes physical well-being and allows a healthy competition.
  • Healthy YouContact us for full-featured participation and/or outcome based customizable well-being solution. (can also embed and/or white label)

Our Engagement Strategy

For employers: Easy to tailor. Easy to deploy.

We drive engagement at the program level by architecting solutions specific to your needs. That starts with branded workplace initiatives, which studies show employees find far more reliable and trustworthy. Our clients report healthier habits, progressive weight loss, and better company-wide morale.   


We work hand-in-hand with your team to assess workforce health and design custom strategies and incentives to improve well-being across the enterprise.


We'll help you leverage existing resources by connecting to existing apps, partners and infrastructure through our service-oriented architecture.


Healthper's adroit, open standards based platform means your best ideas and thinking can get implemented across your entire population.


We engage members through multiple channels like email, SMS, IVR, Snail Mail and tailored communication that are based on participation level.

For employees: Easy to use. Easy to enjoy.

Employee engagement is where the rubber hits the road (or, should we say, it's where the sole hits the walking path). Importantly, we provide you with the tools, the support and the expertise that enable you to make changes for sustaining maximum engagement — continual, iterative and positive adjustments after launch and throughout the life of the program.


The assessment we design for your workforce can include biometric screenings, health risk assessments, and more, depending on your goals.


When it comes to motivation, we supply you thousands of challenges, incentives and rewards with which to keep your custom program always fresh and engaging.


Healthper gives you access to an enormous trove of rewards options. Equally important, you're able to manage everything with our unified incentive management system.


Healthper gives you access to the kind of measurements that illuminate program performance vividly and tangibly. Essential for keeping management informed.

The Healthper Platform

Infinitely flexible, adaptable and functional. A single, branded portal, flexible enough to integrate your current partners and resources, powerful enough to offer the resources and tools that are right for your workforce.

Contact your well-being architect

Connect with Healthper, and learn how we can architect a well-being solution tailored precisely to your needs.